Short Brothers Corporation

Who we are

Short Brothers Corporation provides Management and Supervision of all of its projects from start to finish. In addition, our Team of Experienced Construction Professionals provides Cost Control, Scheduling Coordination and Quality Control throughout the Project. For all your Carpentry work, Electrical, Painting, Plumbing and More please remember that Safety, Integrity and Efficiency are our Top Priorities!

Short Brothers Corporation has been in the Construction Industry and is serving the State of Florida. We offer New Construction, Renovation, Remodeling and Maintenance Services. Our Goal has always been to assist our Customers in solving problems and providing Innovative Solutions that keep our Projects on Schedule and within Budget.

For Projects Small and Large, Simple and Complex, we deliver Results that satisfy the Objectives and the High Expectations of our Clients.

We are Proud of the Projects and the Strong Relationships we Build with our Customers.

What we do and How we do it